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Electricity Network


We offer planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of accessories and documentation of power-cable-systems up to 220kV from one source. Most of our clients are energy-providers. For instance we are running long-term service agreements with Wienstrom and EVN. Furthermore we offer faults-service twenty-four-seven in the eastern part of Austria. All our 110kV and 220kV projects throughout Austria are carried out by our own staff. In the field of medium voltage cables WIENSTROM, BEWAG, EVN, STEWEAG, KELAG, Salzburg AG and several electricians rank among our clients. Thanks to our rewinding station, logistic capabilities and our stock of inventory we can supply the right length of the needed cable on short notice. Of course we deliver and install always the accurate accessories. All in all we are one of the leading vendors in the energy-field because of our complex delivery and business spectrum.


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